Middlebrook Playschool

Summer 2017
We Pick the Kids up from School:

Karns Elementary

Ball Camp Elementary

Cedar Bluff Elementary

Amherst Elementary

West Hills Elementary

Our teachers provide an after-school learning experience to keep your school-ager motivated and focused in a fun and stimulating environment, even after their school day ends. They spend time with friends and enjoy activities that are relevant to their interests. We provide time and help for homework, playground time to run off energy and activities to build confidence, self esteem, character and social skills. Our teachers provide daily communication with parents to keep you informed about your child’s day.

Afterschool Announcements

We are proud of our After School Program if you are interested please get on our wait-list.

Afterschool Program

Kindergarteners thru 5th Graders

Summer went by so fast...and it was GREAT!!! We had lots of fun going on fieldtrips to all sorts of places the Aquarium in Chattanooga, Little Ponderosa Zoo, The Children's Muesum in Oak Ridge, Skatetown, lots of parks and other fun locations. As well as our special activity days such as Fear Factor, Carnival, Water Day, Picnic, Luau and others.  And as always we had fun at the Pool each day.

Thanks for joining us and helping to make our Summer Great.